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Bible Blessings®, a crafter of quality Christian gifts and a creator of Christian jobs in the community, believes one of its main jobs is to help bless other human beings. More than just a designer of authentic Christian gifts and products, Bible Blessings® is a brand that represents and connects Christians universally; and the phrase “pay it forward” not only represents the group’s desire to provide Christian jobs to the community, it is the principle upon which Bible Blessings® was founded.

In the movie Pay It Forward, 11-year-old Trevor McKinney, played by Haley Joel Osment, is inspired by his social studies teacher Eugene Simonet (Kevin Spacey) to devise a goodwill plan that will have a positive impact on the community and, perhaps, the world. Trevor comes up with an ingenious idea based on the networking of good deeds. Cleverly called “pay it forward,” the idea is to pay a favor forward instead of back.

While the movie may be fiction, the concept has caught on in today’s society with many examples of generous people paying it forward in the form of gifts and jobs. For instance, a group of eighth-graders at a New Jersey school accepted the “pay it forward” challenge by taking $40 stipends and turning them into transformational gifts for groups and individuals in need. Beneficiaries of these gifts included the oldest guide dog school in the world, which received funds to provide jobs to more service dogs; and a family who received monetary gifts to help their mother, who was battling breast cancer.

In another instance of paying it forward, a Massachusetts donut shop customer inspired more than 50 others to “pay it forward” by purchasing food and drinks for the person behind her in line at the store’s drive-thru. This set off a chain reaction of customer after customer paying for the purchase of the person behind him or her in line. The chain was broken after an hour and a half only because there were no other customers in line.

While the “pay it forward” concept may not be new, it is a much-needed and welcomed sign that goodness and generosity still exist in the world. Bible Blessings® participates every day in paying it forward by providing opportunities for those in need of jobs and also by contributing 10% of the purchase price of every item sold to one of its partner organizations to help bless another human being. Bible Blessings® allows Christians to enjoy a tangible symbol of their faith as they themselves help others with every purchase, further fulfilling the “pay it forward” principle.

Bible Blessings® Christian Gifts. Quality Made Authentic Christian Products, Designed to Connect and Bless Others. With every purchase of a Bible Blessings® product comes a blessing to another human being through our “Pay It Forward” program that gives 10% of every purchase back to our non-profit partner organizations that help to bless others. Christians looking for a job? Contact us for our Christian Jobs and Wholesale Partner Opportunities.

Yours in Faith,
Bible Blessings®Team

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