Bible Blessings® knows true leaders’ of quality Christian gifts pay it forward

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Bible Blessings® knows it’s become increasingly common to be cynical about the quality Christian gifts of leaders who profess a purpose beyond profit and a desire to take better care of their employees, congregations and communities. The next generation, known as millennials, wants to know that leaders are genuine in their commitment to providing quality Christian gifts to society.

Where are the genuine leaders?

Knowing whether or not leaders are sincere and selfless in offering quality  gifts should not be difficult to determine nor provide.  At the most practical level, people want to know how leaders are giving back to communities and employees. People want to work at companies that care about the bigger picture and not just the bottom line. They want to see a purpose beyond profit.

A 2012 survey of 60,000 employees at 50 companies around the world, conducted by the consulting firm Towers Watson, found that organizations that invested most in the sustainability of their employees generated nearly three times the operating margins of those who invested the least.

Leaders who understand the importance of giving back or “paying it forward” understand that doing so is a form of enlightened self-interest. When companies invest in better meeting the needs of their employees and their communities, the results show up at the bottom line.

Fueled by a growing socially-conscious attitude of the millennial generation, higher consciousness simply means the capacity to be conscious of more and to exclude less. This form of conscious capitalism recognizes a wider world and a more community-focused world view. Conscious leaders have the courage and the vision to see that we’re all in this together and that extending our circle of care ultimately pays the highest dividend.


Bible Blessings® Christian Gifts. Quality Christian Products Designed to Connect and Bless Others. With every purchase of a Bible Blessings® product comes a blessing to another human being through our “Pay It Forward” program that gives 10% of every purchase to St Jude Children’s Hospital to help bless another human being. Christians looking for a job? Contact us to be a part of our retail family and help promote Faith and the Bible Blessings® Products.

Yours in Faith,
Bible Blessings® Team


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